European Perspectives on Innovation Management

Accepted chapter

Title: Comparing Organisational Patterns for Innovation Between Scottish and French Firms: An Exploratory Study

Authors: Rob Dekkers and Laure Morel

Abstract: Traditional indicators, such as R&D expenditures and patent applications, are not necessarily the most relevant to measure the innovative capability of companies. Hence, this study aims at understanding how the conversion of ideas and inventions into commercialisation of products and services is managed, with an emphasis on internal processes and structures. To this purpose a question sheet and a guide for semi-structured interviews have been developed derived from the model for the dynamic adaptation capability. Surprisingly, the findings from five French and five Scottish firms point to differences in innovative capabilities between French and Scottish firms that can be understood from autopoietic principles (following the law of parsimony) and the myopic versus dynamic approach for the context of the national innovation system. Additionally, the extent of the instrument indicates that a major effort is required to understand the innovative capabilities of firms and that this cannot be reduced to simplified measures as traditionally done.