Call for Chapters - European Perspectives on Innovation Management

It is the diversity of cultures within Europe that inspired us to explore what unites these approaches to innovation management and how they differ.

We invite scholars to contribute chapters, whether they are conceptual, positional, empirical or comparative, to look at specific characteristics of innovation in a regional, national and transnational context within Europe.

We are looking forward to receiving chapters about Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, Nippon-Rhineland, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, etc. approaches to innovation management and settings; however, perspectives for this book are not limited to these. Although there have been studies into this, they have not been brought together in a collection.

Book Editors:

  • Dr. ir. Rob Dekkers (Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
  • Prof. Laure Morel (Université de Lorraine, Équipe de Recherche sur les Processus Innovatifs, France)


Note that chapters once received will be considered by the editors and sent out for review when appropriate. Chapters that are handed in early may benefit from revisions to be made before the final deadline. The deadlines are set as follows:

  • 31 January, 2021: final deadline for chapters.
  • 1 March, 2021: latest reviewers’ comments on draft chapters.
  • 1 April, 2021: final versions of chapters.
  • End of June 2021: edited book published by Springer.

Download the Call for Chapters

For more detailed information see the complete Call for Chapters. Download PDF here


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Call for Chapters

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Call for Chapters - Book European Perspectives on Innovation Management

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